Proposed Exhibition
John Ganis’s expansive series America’s Endangered Coasts, from Texas to Maine, brings to the public a thought-provoking photographic survey of coastal areas of the eastern United States that are threatened by rising sea levels. The complete series consists of 170 color photographs and has not yet been exhibited in depth. The fully illustrated book published by George Thompson Publishing will be available to accompany the exhibition. The photographer will work with the hosting institution to produce the number and size of prints appropriate for their exhibition space. All exhibition prints are of the highest quality, and are printed by the photographer.

Up to fifty archival pigment color photographs in a 20 X 24 inch sheet size, framed in white wood frames to outer dimensions of 24 X 30 inches or 24 X 35 inch sheet sizes framed to outer dimensions 30 X 40 inches.
Select re-photographic diptychs will also be available in a sheet size of 24 X 70 inches.Photographs to include:Atlantic Coast images based on Hurricanes Arthur, Irene and Sandy as well as other low elevation areas. Gulf Coast images based on Hurricanes Katrina, Ivan, and Ike and low elevation areas. Additional didactic materials such as sea rise maps will add to the value of the exhibition.

The exhibition will offer opportunities for education and community outreach to the host institution. The exhibition of America’s Endangered Coasts…. promises to make an important contribution to the fields of photography and environmental studies and will attract a wide spectrum of both the photo/art audience and the larger public.In a departure from Ganis’s previous bodies of landscape work, America’s Endangered Coasts uses a topographic aesthetic that combines deliberately straightforward, highly detailed color photographs with GPS locations and elevations above sea level for each site photographed. This rigorous methodology increases both the aesthetic and educational value of the work. Current scientific projections conclusively show that the amount of sea rise predicted as a result of climate change compounded by hurricanes and storm surges will threaten and make unsustainable large portions of the East coast, Florida and the Gulf coast within a hundred years. The future of human civilization as we know it is indeed at stake due to climate change. Sponsorship of this exhibition will be an opportunity for the host institution to contribute to the growing awareness of this crisis.

Additional Exhibitions are also available from Consuming the American Landscape book and the “Ruptures and Reclamations” Series. Please contact John Ganis for more information.

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America’s Endangered Coasts, Photographs from Texas to Maine