Consuming the American Landscape

Land use and the changing landscape

Family at Badlands National Park, South Dakota 1990Water Slide/Mountain, Texas 19863. Earthmover, Texarkana, Texas.jpgLandscaping Stone, Flagstaff, Arizona 1995Earth Roller, Buckhorn , Pennsylvania 1985Alaska Pipeline North of Valdez, Alaska 2001Superfund Cleanup Site Willamette River, Portland, Oregon 2001Discarded Debris, Montana 1990Edge of a Landfill, Oklahoma 1989Mine Tailings, Bingham Canyon Mine, Copperton, Utah 1990Closed Gold Mine, Climax, Colorado 1998EPA Remediation Site, Leadville, Colorado 1998Gold Dredging Tailings & Pond, Old Chico, Montana 1999EPA Cleanup Site, Noranda Mine, Colorado 1998Toxic Coal Mining Pond, Pennsylvania 1989Gold Mine, Valdez Creek, Alaska 2001Iron Horse Housing Development, Sumpter, Oregon 1997Nickel Mining Slag Remediation, Sudbury, Ontario 2008Housing Development in Cholla Forest, Sonora Desert, Arizona 1999Suburban Sprawl, Park City, Utah 1998Housing Development, Southern California 1989Golf Course, Sonora Desert, Arizona 1989Land for sale, Tuscalossa, Alabama 1991Golf Course Construction, Half Moon Bay, California 1996New Mall Parking Lot, Southern California 1989Sun City Development, Oro Valley, Arizona 1992Rockrimmon Subdivision and Pike View Aggregate Mine, Colorado Springs CO 2008Lumber Mill, Livingston, Montana 1999Logging Yarder, Old Growth Forest, Hoh Valley National Forest, Washington 1990Hoh Valley Rain Forest , Logging in Olympic National Forest, Washington 1997Clear Cut in the Hoh Valley, Olympic National Forest, Washington 1997Log Landing And Clear Cut Willamette Natl. Forest, Oregon 1997Site of a Federal Timber Sale, Willamette National Forest, Oregon 1997Cement Moose, Arkansas	 1985Plastic Cows, Buckhorn, Pennsylvania 1986Roadside Signs, Former Site of a Petting Farm, Goodyear, Arizona 2008Fireworks Stand Near Fairbanks, Alaska 2001Nickel Smelter, Copper Cliff, Greater Sudbury, Ontario 2008

Consuming the American Landscape

The work on this site is selected from Consuming the American Landscape, published simultaneously in 2003 by Dewi Lewis Publishing in Great Brittan and Edition Braus in Germany. The book contains over 80 images and is the result of two decades of my work photographing land use in America.

The American landscape has been fertile ground for my photographic investigation of issues facing our society today. The dialectical processes involved in modes of production and resource development infuse the landscape with unexpected levels of interpretation that may cause the viewer to reflect on the geography of consumption and the effects of resource exploitation. The metaphors inherent in my photographs expand their scope beyond their immediate subject matter referring to the larger context of today’s environmental crisis and may also initiate in the audience the process of discovering a deeper level of empathy with
the earth.

If reverence for the earth is still possible, as called for by such thinkers as Suzi Gablik and Henryk Skolimowski it must happen in a world of diminished purity. It is my hope that the ironic beauty that I find in the altered or threatened sites that I photograph will create an opening for my audience to discover multiple layers of meaning in the landscape while maintaining a critical awareness of the environmental issues addressed in my photographic work.