Print Info

Exhibition Prints

Sheet size            Image size           Price
13 X 19 inches  12 X 18 in.         $1000.
(water portraits 12 X 12 in.)      $1000.
20 X 24 inches  14.66 X 22 in.    $2000.
(water portraits 18 X 18 in.)      $2000.
24 X 35 inches  22 X 33 in.         $3000.
(water portraits 21.5 X 21.5 in.) $2500.

Re-photographic Diptychs:

From “America’s Endangered Coasts” or Water Portraits/Self-Portraits
Sheet size           Image sizes           Price
17 X 24 in.       2@ 7 X 10.5 in. ea.      $1500.
Water diptychs 2@ 10.5 X10.5 in. ea.  $1500.
24 X 36 in.       2@ 10.5 X 15.5 in. ea. $3000.
Water diptychs 2@ 16 X 16 in. ea.        $2500

Images from any diptych pairing are also available as a single image.

Edition information:

Endangered Coast Series prints are available inclusive of all sizes up to 24 X 35
in an edition of 15. The 24 X 35 size is available in a separate edition of 10.
Water Portraits/Self Portraits are available in an edition of 10 inclusive of all sizes.
All Diptychs (either series) are available in an edition of 10.
Over-sized Diptychs sheet size 24 X 72 in. (“Endangered Coast” series) may be available in a special edition of 5 Price on request.

All the above prints are archival pigment prints made by John Ganis with Epson Ultrachrome inks on Cranes Museo Silver Rag paper or equivalent archival rag inkjet paper. Vintage editioned chromogenic color prints (type C) from Consuming the American Landscape series may also be available in sheet sizes 16 X 20, 20 X 24 and 20 X 30 inches. Info and pricing on Type C prints is available on request. All prices are for unmatted prints which have a paper white border and are signed and numbered. Prints are available directly from John Ganis.
Institutional discounts are available to museums and collections.